Pay it forward!

The opportunity to discover the endless possibilities of technology should be equal to everybody. Regardless of your background you should be able to find out what technology could mean for you. If you want to use it to conquer the world with a company, build solutions to solve the biggest problems in the world, express you creativity, communicate or anything else you can dream of. To make sure everybody gets that opportunity we are distributing The New Girl Code for free to girls who don’t have access to books.

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Donate NOW!

We need your help to reach as many girls as possible. Do you want to support young girls and allow them to discover the magic of technology? Allow them to learn more about entrepreneurship? Inspire them to think big? Please click on donate now, your support could change their life!*


Work Together?

Do you have an organisation that works with girls in the age group 9-15 in South Africa, United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom or Sweden and you would love to give them The New Girl Code? Please reach out to us.


Pass it on!

The book contains pages that will allow girls to write a message to another girl and then pass on the book. This way we can reach even more girls.

*If you prefer an invoice, please reach out to us via so we can send you an invoice for the donation you would like to make.

Your donations will be used to distribute the books at cost. In addition, profits from the commercial sales of the book will be used to reach more girls.